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What Are DLD Regulations?

Posted by umaproperties on February 28, 2024

The regulations of the Dubai Land Department (DLD) are a set of rules and ethical standards adopted by the Dubai government which are aimed at controlling various rights to real estate and ownership of properties in Dubai. These regulations deal with an extensive array of issues such as the registration of property, lease, sale, or purchase of land and also cover topics related to management of property, as well as, regulations for the developers.

The DLD regulations are one of the elements that increase the level of transparency, fairness, and efficiency of the Dubai real estate market in which the property owners’ and the property investor’s rights are protected as well as the sustainability of the sector is promoted. Obviously, of course, all the people and businesses involved in the real estate activities in Dubai should be subject to the laws of DLD Dubai.

What Are The Essential Criteria For Ensuring Compliance In Real Estate Listings?Top of Form

What has these mandates achieved is the statement of significant shifts in practice, through clear-cut rules on permits for listings and more accurate information, and the immediate withdrawal of such properties once sold and rented out. Not merely a simple roster, these sanctions are a symbol of our inseparability from transparency and trust.

They serve as the stepping stones thereby, underlying the transformation of our works visible in the community as well as the real estate industry by preaching reliability, integrity, and accountability in every property that uses our platform.

  1. Use of Valid Permit Types:
    Every listing needs to have a current permit type that corresponds to the kind of property.
  2. Accuracy of Listing Details:
    The information in the listing and the related permission must coincide exactly.
  3. Availability of Properties:
    Properties that have been rented out or sold must have their listings taken down right away.
  4. QR Code:
    A working DLD QR code is required for listings.

Which of My Listings Requires an Action?

All listings that violate DLD’s policies will be flagged by the Listings Action Tracker in PF Expert.

To make sure that no listings are overlooked, please make sure to check the Listings Action Tracker on the Properties page of PF Expert every day.

What Is The Timeframe Provided For Updating The Permits?

When a listing is flagged in the Listings Action Tracker, a three-day window is initiated, during which you’re prompted to update the listing with the necessary permit. Failure to do so within this timeframe will result in the automatic un-publishing of the listing. This process ensures that listings adhere to regulatory requirements, maintaining compliance and transparency in property transactions.

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