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The tenancy contract checklist

Posted by umaproperties on December 4, 2023

The Tenancy Contract Checklist: Top 10 Essential Actions Ensure you request evidence of all service charges and utility payments from the landlord.

Hold off on the excitement about your new place for a moment, as there are crucial aspects to think about before finalizing your lease agreement. Navigating through paperwork, rules, and that initial substantial rent payment might seem overwhelming, but being well-informed before you sign any contracts can bolster your confidence for move-in day and afterwards.

The essential 10:

  1. Ensure the property you’re interested in is a Verified Listing on Propertyfinder, indicating it’s a genuine and available rental in Dubai.
  2. Confirm the landlord’s ownership by comparing their name on the title deed with their passport to ensure it matches. Subletting must have the landlord’s consent.
  3. Request from the landlord evidence of payment for all service charges and utilities to avoid any surprise bills.
  4. Validate your real estate agency’s credentials by checking their registration with RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency).
  5. Ask for a copy of your broker’s RERA card to demonstrate your awareness of the rental laws and regulations.
  6. Visit the property personally with the landlord to verify its condition, as digital images can be misleading.
  7. Insist that the landlord signs the contract in person; reschedule if needed. Their signature is crucial as per UAE law.
  8. Review the contract to ensure it states the landlord’s responsibility for major repairs in compliance with Article 16 of Law No. 26 of 2007 in Dubai.
  9. Hold off on paying any agency fees until you receive the property keys to avoid rushing into financial commitments.
  10. Obtain receipts for all cheque payments to ensure clear documentation of your financial transactions related to the move.

Explore a vast selection of rental properties in Dubai. With your readiness to sign a tenancy agreement, take advantage of these useful guides to select the perfect community in Dubai for your new home.

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