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Property Snagging

The excitement of moving into a newly constructed home is unparalleled, but it’s crucial to ensure that everything is perfect before you settle in. This is where our property snagging service comes into play.

Ensure Your New Home is Up to Par

Our expert snagging service is designed to meticulously identify any snags, unresolved defects, or unfinished aspects of your property. These issues often stem from subpar workmanship or incorrectly fitted equipment, and they can significantly impact the value and enjoyment of your property. By opting for a snagging service, you gain the assurance that your new home is being handed over in its best possible condition.

Thorough Property Assessment Services

Our team conducts detailed, engineering-based property inspections, examining both the interior and exterior aspects. After a thorough evaluation, our experts compile an in-depth report that outlines various property defects. This report focuses on identifying:

Identifying any areas where the property does not meet the expected standards.
Highlighting minor faults that could affect the property's aesthetics or functionality.
Noting any missing elements or features that were supposed to be included.
Pointing out structural or design issues that need attention.
Detailing instances of substandard workmanship that could impact the property's integrity or value.

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