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Property Registration Service

The excitement of moving into a newly constructed home is unparalleled, but it’s crucial to ensure that everything is perfect before you settle in. This is where our property snagging service comes into play.

Easing Your Property Transactions

When engaging in property transactions in Dubai, such as buying, selling, or gifting, registration with the Dubai Land Department (DLD) is mandatory. This central government agency oversees all processes related to leasehold and freehold transactions. Navigating this process can be daunting without professional assistance. UMA Properties stands as a reliable property registration service provider in the UAE. Our aim is to streamline this essential step, making it hassle-free for you. Our services are designed to simplify the complexities and ensure your property adheres to all national and local property registration regulations.

Effortless Real Estate Registration Services

Our team is dedicated to guiding you through the process of registering various property deeds, including gift deeds and sale deeds, at the appropriate jurisdictional offices. We offer detailed step-by-step assistance to ensure a smooth experience. Our legal experts are available to accompany both you and your designated power of attorney holder. Additionally, we can assist in drafting a specific power of attorney for your relatives or other contacts to represent you in case you’re unable to be present. If necessary, we are also equipped to act as your power of attorney.

Regardless of your location, we are committed to ensuring that you are adequately represented. Our goal is to facilitate a confident and secure real estate registration process for you, no matter where you are.

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