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Mortgage Services

Dreaming of owning a home in the UAE but feeling daunted by the prospect of a mortgage? Reach out to us for guidance on our mortgage services. While mortgages can appear complex, we have the necessary resources and expertise to simplify them for you, ensuring a seamless and clear process.

Streamlined Mortgage Assistance

Our approach to mortgages is defined by our team’s extensive experience and ability to offer high-quality advice, particularly on mortgage loans and pre-approval. We consistently advise our clients to obtain mortgage pre-approval before home purchases. This strategy ensures clarity on affordability and aligns with your budget, providing insights into potential monthly repayments. This knowledge is a significant advantage, empowering you to negotiate more effectively with sellers who generally favor buyers with pre-approval.

Our dedicated in-house mortgage team is ready to offer comprehensive guidance, support, and assistance. We’ve established solid relationships with various banks throughout the UAE, positioning us uniquely to recommend the best banking options while saving you both money and time. Our expertise enables us to secure lower interest rates and reduced processing fees. We’re also adept at negotiating bank terms and conditions, addressing valuation issues, liability letter challenges, or any other potential hurdles. Our commitment is to ensure that your interests are always prioritized and represented in the best possible way.

To avoid common hiccups in the mortgage process, here are some frequently asked questions FAQs and their answers

Ensuring a safe transaction that aligns with your long-term investment goals.

Your limit depends on existing liabilities and current income, and may also vary from bank to bank.

Yes, however, the terms may differ.
Normally the rates range from 3.9% to 7%.

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