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Landlord’s Guide

Landlord's Guide

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has firmly established itself as a global center for trade and business. In recent years, it’s also become an increasingly prominent player in the real estate

Landlord's Guide to Purchasing Property In The UAE

Landlord’s Guide to Property Rental Owning property in Dubai and considering renting it out? Unsure where to begin? Let UMA Properties guide you. This brief guide offers an overview of the rental process in Dubai for landlords. After reading, reach out to us for further consultation and to kick-start your journey!

If you are a landlord in Dubai, you may be overwhelmed by the rental process. While the prospect of renting out your property and earning passive income can be exciting, there are also many legal considerations and practical steps that need to be given careful attention. Fortunately, UMA Properties is here to simplify the rental process for you with our expert guidance.

What to keep in mind when renting
property in the UAE

Reach out to a Dubai real estate pro to help you compare your property with others on the market. This will help you understand how much rent you can expect to make.

For those with several rental properties, consider getting a trusted property management team. They can handle everything for you, from upkeep to collecting rent and renewing leases, all under your permission. This way, you can earn rental income with ease.

Look for a reputable broker to help advertise your property. They'll help you search for a tenant and make sure your property gets noticed by a lot of people. A good broker will also offer help with taking professional photos, setting up your property to look its best, and promoting it online to draw in great tenants.

Stick with one broker instead of many. If you trust them and give them exclusive rights to your property, they'll likely work harder for you. This can lead to getting the rent you want and possibly some extra benefits.

In Dubai, if you own property and want to rent it out, you need to fill out a special form from RERA to let a broker advertise it. Don't forget to give your broker a signed copy of this form, your Emirates ID, and the property's title deed.

If you trust your broker, think about renting out your property for short periods. This can make you more money and give you more options.

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